posterous experimenting

I wonder, how do I get pictures and text in 1 post? Let's give it a try through my gmail…

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posterous compatible

jeeeh! posterous works with Every post I write with posterous will be shown on my wordpress blog!
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Simple PHP MySQL Shopping cart – PART 2

This is part 2 of the shopping cart. Making the cart.php and list.php.

Simple PHP MySQL Shopping cart – PART 1

Hello everyone, this is my first tutorial ever written, a very simple and basic shopping cart script made in PHP and MySQL. This tutorial I have made for understanding the basics of making a shopping cart in PHP and MySQL.

SEO for your blog

The following article on is very interesting for all the bloggers. Take a look at and generate more traffic to your website.

Welcome to

This is the first article ever on! It will be all about webapps webtutorials and more…